Census of trees

Knowing and managing the tree heritage with precision

Our tree census service offers a professional and precise approach to knowing and managing the tree heritage effectively. We understand the importance of having detailed information about trees in an area and use advanced tools, such as GPS, along with programs specifically designed to ensure accurate detection and targeted data management.


 Knowledge of the tree heritage is a fundamental pillar for a programmed and responsible management. Knowing how many trees there are, what species are present and where exactly they are located is crucial to making informed decisions about maintenance, urban planning, conservation and other related activities. Our tree census service aims to provide this information accurately and reliably.


Using GPS to position trees is an essential component of our approach. GPS allows us to accurately record the geographical coordinates of each tree, creating a detailed and interactive map. This allows us to locate trees quickly and accurately and keep track of changes over time. In addition, we use programs specially designed to record and manage the collected information, allowing efficient data management.

Targeted data management is a key aspect of our service. Each client may have different specific needs and objectives for the tree census. Our agridea professionals are able to customize the service according to customer requests, ensuring that the information collected is relevant and useful for their specific needs. We can provide detailed reports, interactive maps, statistical analysis and other information tailored to support tree heritage planning and management. By choosing our tree census service, you can rely on an accurate and professional methodology to get a complete overview of the arboreal heritage. Our experience in the field and the use of advanced tools allow us to provide reliable and useful data for the responsible management of trees.

Periodic maintenance of the arboreal census with the affixing of the missing tags

agridea can monitor and keep the census up to date, through periodic maintenance and the affixing of missing tags to ensure the correct identification and cataloguing of plants over time. This service is particularly important to keep the work done in the past up to date and to ensure the continuity of the information collected.


Over time, many plants may lose identification tags due to their diametrical growth or due to acts of carelessness or vandalism by inexperienced or malicious people. This can make the identification and cataloguing of plants difficult, compromising the correctness and reliability of the collected data.


The service offered by agridea aims to solve this problem through the updating of the tree census and periodic maintenance of plants. agridea professionals will take care to identify the plants that have lost their identification tags and will arrange for the affixing of new tags accurately and resistant over time.

Updating the tree census is of fundamental importance for several reasons. First, it keeps plant information in a specific area up to date, providing a complete and reliable database. This is particularly useful for the management and maintenance of green areas, allowing you to plan targeted interventions and customized according to the characteristics of individual plants.


Moreover, the affixing of missing tags helps to ensure the correct identification of plants, facilitating the study and monitoring work by experts. The tags provide essential information, such as the plant’s scientific name, inventory number, census date and other relevant notes. These data are fundamental for the management and conservation of the arboreal heritage and allow you to monitor the evolution of plants over time.

agridea is committed to providing a superior service in updating the tree census, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information collected. Thanks to the expertise and experience of its professionals, agridea can offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers, contributing to the effective and sustainable management of green areas.

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