High resolution environmental surveys and targeted biological treatments

Innovation at the service of the environment


In the constant search for innovative solutions to preserve the environment and ensure high quality services, agridea professionals have introduced a cutting-edge service that exploits the use of drones for high resolution environmental surveys and targeted biological treatments. This project represents an important step forward in respect of agri-environment and health protection, combining innovative tools with environmentally friendly approaches.


Thanks to the use of drones, we are able to carry out surveys at altitude of  monumental trees or buildings without obstruction to traffic and without the need to use noisy aerial platforms.


This technology allows us to obtain detailed and high resolution images, to accurately assess the state of the structures and identify any problems or anomalies.

A great advantage of using drones is reducing the risks associated with traditional activities. By avoiding the use of mobile construction sites, potential accident hazards are eliminated and occupational safety is enhanced. Moreover, the occupation of public land is not necessary, simplifying the bureaucratic procedures related to the permits and reducing the total costs of the service.

One of the main objectives of this service is health protection, both in the urban and natural environment. With drones, we can detect and monitor the presence of pollutants such as asbestos, allowing targeted interventions to ensure a safer and healthier environment for all.


The results of this innovative project are promising. It is not only a highly specialized solution that responds to the growing demands of the market, but also an economic springboard for the development of new services in the agro-environmental field. Thanks to the funding and support received, we can offer cutting-edge solutions that combine technology, sustainability and high quality.

In conclusion, the use of drones for high resolution environmental surveys and targeted biological treatments represents an important step forward in the agri-environmental sector. Thanks to this innovative technology, we can guarantee high precision services, respecting the environment and promoting health protection. We are excited to continue to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions that help build a sustainable future for all.

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