Microscopic and stereoscopic investigations

The key to diagnosing and treating plant diseases

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Our service of microscopic and stereoscopic investigations, accompanied by detailed technical reports, aims to provide an accurate diagnosis of diseases or alterations of plant organs. In these cases it is essential to understand the etiological causes of such problems and to develop control approaches or targeted treatments, which may be biological, integrated, agronomic, microbiological or chemical.



The observation of diseases or alterations of plant organs plays a fundamental role in plant health and management. In order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and to identify the type of proper control or cure, it is necessary to conduct thorough microscopic investigations. Agridea professionals use state-of-the-art microscopes, which provide a detailed view of the microscopic structures of plants.


Microscopic investigations make it possible to ascertain the etiological cause of plant diseases or alterations. Through the analysis of samples taken, we can identify pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, viruses or parasites that may be responsible for the deterioration of plants. This information is essential  to develop a targeted control or care plan that is adapted to the specific needs of the situation.

In addition, stereoscopic investigations allow us to examine plants at a macroscopic level, providing a three-dimensional and detailed view of the symptoms and lesions present. This methodology allows us to detect even the smallest abnormalities or signs of stress, contributing to an accurate and complete diagnosis. Our state-of-the-art microscopes come with advanced features, such as the ability to capture digital photos or record video, which can be attached to technical reports as visual evidence.


The technical reports we provide contain a detailed description of the investigations carried out, the results obtained and specific recommendations for the control or treatment of diseases or plant alterations. Our goal is to provide our customers with clear and comprehensive information, supported by scientific evidence, that will enable them to make informed decisions and take the right measures to protect and care for their plants.

By choosing our service of microscopic and stereoscopic investigations, you can rely on a professional and accurate approach to diagnose and treat plant diseases. Agridea experts use cutting-edge tools and approved scientific methods to provide reliable technical reports and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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