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From the experience gained over the years was born our green AGRIDEA!
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You care so much

Plants are a precious heritage for everyone, protecting them from diseases and insects represents a great added value

Our services

Stability control of trees, endotherapy, pruning trees, even large ones, which can represent a serious danger to people and things

We perform thorough disinfection against mosquitoes, insects and rodents, in open or closed environments

We carry out biological or phytochemical treatments to combat parasites or diseases in parks, gardens or agricultural crops

We carry out comprehensive treatment and prevention programs for diseases, fungi and pests, in nurseries, sports fields, gardens and orchards

We can carry out complete technical reports of photographic documentation and detailed analysis for insurance, public bodies or value estimates

We carry out specific treatments to prevent damage from dripping resins over to cars, benches or people

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If I could put more stars I would have done it. Very accurate, excellent quality material and very helpful. Thanks Agridea

Truly an exceptional service

Professionalism, competence and precision. Everything I was looking for from a professional I found in Agridea


Absolutely nothing to say , very kind and helpful. As for the material Top Doesn’t exist in my area

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